Why choose Mediation?

Mediation is voluntary and so offers people a less stressful and less costly way of resolving difficult issues, as compared to court proceedings and Solicitors costs. Discussing the issues with an experienced mediator, over 1, 2, 6 or 12 sessions, offers an excellent way of resolving issues. It's faster than court proceedings and with less harm to future relationships as parents.

Mediators can give you information about separation and divorce processes, and make suggestions to you as to what might be helpful to each of you. Mediators do not give advice but will give excellent guidance and factual information and will assist the parties in reaching a fair but amicable agreement.

Mediation enables you to make choices for your family, instead of handing decision making responsibility to others. The courts recognise that mediation is a more positive option and as such anyone thinking of applying to court is now asked to attend Mediation first.

Mediation itself always remains voluntary therefore either or both of you can end it at any time. Nothing in mediation can bind you unless you decide to convert mediated proposals into an open agreement. You give the information required and the mediators are there to guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Summary of the Benefits of Mediation

Family Mediation will:

Help keep you in control of arrangements and decisions and at a pace to suit you. Mediation is much faster than the traditional legal route and much cheaper or cost-effective. Ensures you are making informed choices and you are the decision makers rather than the courts.

Mediation will reduce conflict between you. Mediation is child focused and so puts the children at the centre. Mediation helps you come to workable solutions. Mediation will help you communicate more effectively.

Mediation Is customised to address any particular issues important to you and is confidential and safe. This allows people to talk freely without prejudice.

Mediators are impartial so they manage and discussions in an impartial way. Allowing both parties to have their say. Mediation Is future-focused and practical.

Mediation will give certainty to your decisions; we can produce a formal document which can be used as the basis for binding agreements or court orders.

Resolve Family Mediation

We have experience in dispute resolution. Our Mediators deal with a full range of disputes, relating to divorce, financial matters and child matters on a daily basis.

Therefore, our Mediators are fully aware of the difficulties involved between couples and in trying to reach an understanding or agreement about various family matters.

You may be already divorced, separated or about to separate and need to reach an agreement related to:

arrangements for the children;

child maintenance;

financial issues and housing;

issues related to a separation or divorce;

any other dispute you may have.

We firstly see both clients individually at whats called an introductory session. The Mediator will use this to assess your situation, the best way to assist you both and if Mediation is suitable.

Thereafter, if either party is not yet willing to be face to face with the other person. We continue to see you both separately in order to continue to resolve your disputes and reach an agreement. This is well known as shuttle mediation and is a common approach.

Or after we have seen you both separately and both parties are ready for a roundtable meeting then we make an appointment for you both together. This will be at one of our offices with a Mediator who will manage and facilitate the meeting in a professional way. Each party will be treated equally and have an opportunity to speak and reply to any questions without any interruptions.

Once we have explored all of the issues, negotiated and reached an agreement the agreement can be set out in writing. This can then be used to formalise the final stages of financial matters on separation or divorce. 

The Mediation process is extremely valuable in this day and age and is a much more cost-effective way of reaching an agreement. We compare this to applications to court and using solicitors and barristers.

The average application to the court to a final hearing including solicitors and barrister costs can be in the region of £20,000 upwards, it is a costly exercise. When all that is required is for an amicable agreement to be reached between the parties at Mediation.

The future is now geared towards Mediation being the starting point to any discussions or disputes being resolved.

This means that compulsory attendance at Mediation is a must do before any application to the court for a Child Arrangements Order or Financial Order can even be considered or issued at court. This means mediation is here to stay.

Family Mediation is now an essential service and offers a fast, amicable and cost-effective method of dispute resolution.

The process of negotiating and reaching an amicable agreement also enables both parties to feel empowered and more open to reaching amicable agreements as time goes forward. This is essential, especially where children are concerned as they change as they get older and new agreements need to be reached.

Mediation is an excellent way to encourage proactive communication between the parties and reaching an agreement that they can both be satisfied with. Such agreements are more likely to be long-lasting. Especially as compared to decisions of the court that you are subjected to and have no control over.

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