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Video conferencing for Family Mediation

How are you coping with Covid-19?

We are continuing to help people by using our virtual meeting rooms.

We are continuing to mediate by moving our service completely online at this time. 

However, we will be able to provide office based meeting from June 2020.

At this time we will use video conferencing to continue to connect to you, using platforms called Zoom, Skype, face-time and Webex.

If you are wishing to have a virtual meeting with us you will need to use this facility.

It can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers on the basis that the device has a camera, microphone and loudspeaker.

If you meeting is by Zoom, Google, Face-time or Skype we will send you an invitation to joint the meeting. If your meeting is by Webex then you will need to download a version of the free software.

With regard to Webex:

The following link will take you to the Webex website, this can be found: Click on ‘Webex Meeting’ this is the the option on the left. There is a users’ guide at

The meetings usually last about 40 / 60 minutes.

You will receive an e-mailed invitation to our meeting and we will give you a link to click to take you to the ‘Meeting Room’.

Prior to the meeting and by email we will ask you to complete a Form. We will then go through this with you at our meeting. We would ask you to ensure your computer is fully charged for the meeting and that you have a good internet connection.


Mediation is a confidential service so we ask that you ensure you are in a room on your own for the meeting and do not use any recording devices. We will discuss this at the beginning of the meeting. We will also send you a document prior to the meeting called your ‘Agreement to Mediate’

Even in every-day circumstances online / virtual meeting rooms for mediation is an excellent way to discuss any differences between you and your former partner. Mainly because if you are really busy or live a long distance away from your former partner then online mediation is an ideal way to resolve your differences. Using modern technology does assist people to resolve their differences without the need to meet face to face.

This type of mediation is very popular and works extremely well whatever your circumstances. There is no travelling, parking costs or time away home, children or work. Also for people with a disability this works really well and enables all parties whatever there situation to engage in the process more easily. There may also be safety concerns or emotional concerns that make face to face mediation difficult.

There are several different ways for mediation to take place online such as: Skype, Webex, Zoom, Google or Face-Time from a computer or even by using on your phone.

Contact us for more information.