Resolve Family Mediation

Terms, Conditions and Costs.

The way we work.

We offer a Free telephone consultation.

We then invite you to attend the office for a first meeting. This is to discuss your concerns and for us to consider together how and if we can help you.

The Cost of Mediation.

Free Telephone Consultation.

The first meeting is charged at £120.00- £150.00 per person and the duration is up to 45 minutes. This can take place by telephone or, online or by attendance at the office.

Joint Mediation.

For single sessions we charge £150 per session. Duration up to 60 minutes.

For joint sessions we charge £200 - £250.00 per person and the duration is up to 120 minutes. The joint sessions always take much longer and that is why the charges are higher. Within this fee we also take account of the telephone calls and messages involved in arranging the sessions and other discussions that may be involved before and after the session.

Fixed Fees Services.

We offer very cost effective fixed fees packages. Once a fixed fee package is agreed and paid the fee is non-refundable. The fixed fee is a reduced fee compared to calculating costs using our hourly rate and so is offered as a special offer. Fixed Fees are offered for Mediation, Divorce, Financial Matters and Child Matters. The way this works is that we assess your situation and offer a fixed fee based on our assessment of works. We offer the fixed fee and if agreement is reached and the fee is paid this represents the contract of works between us.

Summaries and Financial Information.

In finance and property matters, we charge from £150-£200 per person per document to draw up the Open Statement of Finances and Memorandum of Understanding.


The time around and drafting of more formal agreements such as a Parenting Plan, Separation Agreement will cost from £1500.00-£2000 and the cost is usually shared between you.

Legal Services.

If you have asked us to carry out any other legal services we will provide you with a fixed fee quote on request.

Cancellation fees.

Fees for appointments are taken when booking the appointment. If appointments are cancelled we reserve the right to charge the cost of the session.


We are fully insured.

Complaints Procedure:

In the event that you have a complaint our complaints procedure is:

1) Write to us with details of your complaint. The letter must be from the client only and be signed, due to confidentiality.

2) We will acknowledge receipt of you letter with 7 days of receipt. We will then ask you to attend the office to discuss matters.

3) Our complaints handler will then respond to you within four to eight weeks of receipt of your letter.

4) If you are still unhappy please write to us again and we will refer the matter to a senior complaints hander who will review the complaint and our first response.

5) If our decision is then final we will notify you of this in writing.

We will alway look to resolving any genuine and reasonable complaints we have as soon as possible and will do all we can to resolve any issues.


We offer a confidential service. Therefore we will not give out any information to any third parties without consent. However, there are some exemptions to confidentiality but these are only in exceptional circumstances. Such as where there is a risk of harm to you, someone else or a child. Or where we are required to make disclosure to the appropriate Government Authorities under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and or the relevant Money Laundering Regulations. Information/Data. We will return any documents provided to us at the end of the Mediation process. Our Mediation files are securely stored electronically for 6 months after the conclusion of your case. After this time the file is deleted.

Out of Hours Service.

We provide an after hours service and so are able to offer evening and weekend appointments. We offer a FREE telephone consultation so please telephone us today to arrange yours. 


In our terms, conditions, the following shall have the following meanings:

‘’Mediator’’ the person who the parties instructed to facilitate the Mediation.

‘’Agreement to Mediate’’ is a legally binding contract between the parties who agree to mediate. Agreeing the way the mediation process works and agreeing to abide by the agreement to mediate.

‘’Party’’ an individual or individuals who are a participant in the mediation.

‘’Statement of Outcome’’ a document in which the parties agree to and sign before the mediation has finished. This document sets out agreements both parties have reached.

‘’Outcome Documents" such as an open statement of financial information are documents used in family mediation. This is a factual document to set out financial situation. Or a memorandum of understanding this is a document used in family mediation. This sets out the proposals agreed by the parties. Proposals often include arrangements for children and financial settlement.These terms, conditions are used to give an effective use of the time spent at mediation.

Training and Professional Membership.

Mediators at this practice are trained mediators and are registered with The College of Mediators the Family Mediation Council and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Group. All of our mediators abide by the Family Mediation Council’s Code of Practice and Guidance.

Legal Services.

Legal Services are carried out by fully qualified Family Lawyers and work includes, Legally Binding Agreements and our Managed Divorce Service. If you have asked our company to do any legal work that is agreed between you both then you will get a client care letter. Full details of the instructions, fees and terms and conditions are provided. You will alway be encouraged to seek independent advice in conjunction with this. Cost options in relation to Divorce and Financial Settlements can also be found on the page headed Fixed Fee Divorce and Financial Settlement.

Mediation Process.

Parties attend mediation with a willingness to engage in the process to try and reach a mutual agreement. This will take place under the facilitation of the mediator.

Parties understand that the mediator may meet parties privately for the benefit of the mediation. This related to the separate confidential meetings at the start of the process. Further if one party would rather attend separately and for us to mediate. Then if appropriate the mediation meetings will take place in separate rooms or on separate days depending on needs, circumstances and requirements.

The parties understand that Mediators are not usually called upon as a witness or to give evidence on behalf of any one party. If there are court proceedings, the Judge may make an order or Direction for information about the mediation. In those circumstances we would assist.

If a mediator is asked to attend court unless the court make an order as to who should pay the costs. Then they will be either divided equally or the person requesting the attendance shall pay the costs for both parties. Unless it is agreed the costs are shared equally. The mediators hourly rate of £120.00 per hour to attend court. If any documents are required the cost is additional at £120 per hour. Travelling expenses will also be charged.

Facilitative Mediation.

We alway practice facilitative mediation this is to assist the parties to reach an agreement out of court. During the process the mediator will always remain impartial and non-judgmental and will also explore concerns, problems between the parties to assist reaching agreement.

Without Prejudice.

Any offers to settle at Mediation are usually put forward on a without prejudice basis. This means that the offers made cannot be used in court. Therefore parties at mediation are free to make offers to settle and negotiate knowing that if they do not reach agreement then the offers cannot be used in court.

Mediators do not give advice, but we do assist with factual information that may assist in the process. The parties will always have the option of seeking legal advice any time during the process or after the process.

Our mediators do not express opinion or take sides.

our mediators will remain completely impartial throughout the whole process including settlement.

The mediation will be terminated.

By agreement between the parties, If an agreement is reached. The Mediator can decide at any time during the mediation if the mediation should be terminated. Reasons for this can be that there is an obvious imbalance of power. The process is not working effectively. Or an issue arises affecting the mediation. Which then comes to light and could not have been foreseen before that commencement of the process.

Charges and cancellation.

We charge £120,00 for the initial assessment and there is an additional charge if you seek an MIAM Certificate.

If emails or documents are sent regarding the process then we charge £120.00 per hour for time spent reading and responding to this correspondence.

Assessment meetings booked.

Sessions are usually scheduled for 30-60 minutes. We require a deposit of £60.00 over the telephone for direct appointments and the remaining fee is to be paid on the day of the appointment. For telephone appointments we require the full £120.00 on prior to the day the appointment.

In the event that participants need to cancel an appointment then 2 days notice is required, on that basis the appointment will be re-arranged without any further charge. Other wise we will retain the deposit and a further appointment can be booked with the full payment being taken on booking.

Joint sessions.

Payments for joint mediation are taken in advance of the appointment.

Sessions can be from 2 hours to 3 hours or a full day can be booked. This is often an option if the parties want to discuss and resolve matters as fast as possible.

For financial matters after the initial assessment meeting both parties will will be sent a Financial Disclosure Form to complete in readiness for the joint meeting. It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure they are ready for the joint meeting to avoid any delays.

Once your mediation sessions have concluded the mediator will prepare outcome documents as described above. Before the mediator starts to prepare the documents. The full cost is to be paid in advance of the paperwork being prepared.

Exclusion of Liability

It is the parties responsibility to provide us with the correct contact detail.

If for some reason our correspondence reaches the wrong address this being postal or email address then we are not liable for this error.

We will contact the other party to invite to mediation. If we have no response after attempts so by text, telephone call email or letter or all of the above. If we receive no response then we do not continue to try and contact that person. As they may not want to respond or want to engage in mediation. If this is the case then this brings the mediation process to a close. We will discuss next steps with you should this be the situation that you find yourself in.

Legal effect and status of mediation.

Any agreement reached at mediation is not legally binding unless you ask for the agreement to be converted to a legally binding document.

Our terms and conditions and the agreement to mediate are governed by the laws of England and wales and the courts of England and wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any matters arising out of or in connection with this agreement and the mediation.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the process on 0800 612 4614.