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Separation Agreement

A Separation Agreement can be entered into on separation where an agreement has either been reached or mediation is sought to help you both reach agreement. A Separation Agreement can be prepared on the basis that you are married but are either not ready to divorce or do not want a divorce for various reasons or if you are unmarried.

A Separation Agreement will set out the terms of your separation, dealing with your agreement to separate, the arrangements for the children and dividing assets.

We start with mediation in order to clarify if an agreement has been reached and what that agreement is. We assist and guide you both as to what financial information is needed and provide guidance on law and procedure. We will prepare a separation agreement to best fit your particular circumstances.

For example you may want a separation agreement to include:

How much each of you contributes to rent/mortgage or household bills until you can vacate, sell or transfer your home.

How to deal with any mutual debts.

How to deal with any proceeds from the sale of a property, after paying off any outstanding mortgage balance or sale costs. How to deal with any pensions, joint bank accounts or credit cards.

What will happen to items you’ve bought together, such as cars and furniture.

What will happen to the family pets.

Maintenance agreed to support one person and/or any children.

Who the children will live with and when they will see the other parent.

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