Our Service Costs, Terms, Conditions and Complaints

The cost of Family Mediation is a fraction of the cost of attending court, this makes it excellent value for money for you. Family Mediation is therefore always the starting point in resolving any family disputes. At Family Mediation the Service is Fast, Personalised, Confidential, Understanding and Professional.

Head Office

Our Head office is in Worcester and we have Meeting Rooms so as to serve a number of other locations. Our opening hours are between 8am and 8pm. We do not charge extra for evening or weekend appointments.

The way we work

We offer a Free telephone consultation.

We then invite each party to attend the office separately for a first meeting. This is to discuss your concerns and for us to consider together how and if we can help you.

The Cost of Mediation

Free Telephone Consultation.

The first meeting is charged at £150.00 per person and the duration is up to 45 minutes. This can take place by telephone or by attendance at the office.

Mediation Sessions thereafter, for single sessions we charge £150 per session. Duration up to 60 minutes.

For joint sessions we charge £200 per person and the duration is up to 120 minutes. The joint sessions always take much longer and that is why the charges are higher. Within this fee we also take account of the telephone calls and messages involved in arranging the sessions and other discussions that may be involved before and after the session.

Fixed Fee options: are available and will be offered once the mediator can assess how many sessions are needed. 

Summaries and Financial Information

In Finance and property cases, we charge from £150 per person per document to draw up the Open Statement of Finances and Memorandum of Understanding.


The drafting of more formal agreements such as a Parenting Plan, Separation Agreement will cost from £1500.00-£2000 and the cost is usually shared between you.

Cancellation fees

Fees for appointments are taken when booking the appointment. If appointments are cancelled we reserve the right to charge the cost of the session. Please note that we do not give a refund but will then re book your mediation session at your convenience.


We are fully insured.

What if Mediation does not work? Or is not suitable and what if my concerns are too urgent?

After the first meeting as described above. If Mediation is not workable, or is not suitable then we refer you on to the next stage. This is for what is called a MIAM Appointment. The MIAM appointment is very similar to the first meeting in content of information gathering. You will be required to attend a MIAM appointment if you wish to make an application to court. We will provide the full details on how to obtain the above at the relevant time and if appropriate to you. The Certificates cost £100.00 which will then enable you to make an application to court.

It is possible in certain circumstances that you can continue to court without having to attend Mediation. However, please contact us to see if this applies to your circumstances.

Reasons for this can be such as:

You have contacted three Mediator within 15 miles of your home and cannot obtain an appointment within 15 working days.

You have been the victim of domestic violence within the past year and police or civil action is being considered or in progress. If you did not report the violence then you still need to speak to the Mediator but explain if you do not wish to use Mediation because of domestic violence concerns. You concern is about money and one or both of you is bankrupt. You do not know where your ex is. You want to apply for a court order but the particular reasons do not want to give your ex notice. The court application is urgent because someone could be in danger. The concern is about a child who is already involved with social services due to a concern for their protection.

Contact us for more information and we will help and guide you in the right direction.


In the event that you have a complaint our complaints procedure is:

1) write to us

2) we will acknowledge receipt of you letter with 7 days of receipt

3) our complaints handler will respond to you within four to eight weeks of receipt of your letter.

4) if you are still unhappy please write to us again and we will refer the matter to a senior complaints hander who will review the complaint and our first response.

5) If our decision is then final we will notify you of this in writing.

We will alway look to resolving any complaints we have as soon as possible and will do all we can to resolve any issues.


Mediation is a confidential process therefore we will not give out any information to any third parties without consent. However, there are some exemptions to confidentiality but these are only in exceptional circumstances. Such as where there is a risk of harm to you, someone else or a child. Or where we are required to make disclosure to the appropriate Government Authorities under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and or the relevant Money Laundering Regulations. Information/Data. We will return any documents provided to us at the end of the Mediation process. Our Mediation files are securely stored electronically for 6 months after the conclusion of your case. After this time the file is deleted.

Out of Hours Service

We provide an after hours service and so are able to offer evening and weekend appointments.

We offer a FREE telephone consultation so please telephone us today to arrange yours. 01905 312 109.