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Review placed on Yell

4 May 2019

Very good service fast and professional. I would recommend to family and friends.

Low cost

After hours service

Experienced Mediators.


Town centre location.

Review placed on Free Index

3 May 2019

Very good service I would highly recommend this meditation company. I used them for divorce meditation they were great helped me throughout the process.

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28 April 2019

I was given this companies details by a work colleague. I was not sure about mediation but it did really work. I am really impressed by the way Family Mediation Worcester helps my ex and I talk constructively and reach a fair agreement. I would recommend WFM and have already done so to my friends both at work and personally. Good Service, Professional and Low cost.

Review placed on Yell

4 May 2019

Very good Service received. Cost low, with a fast and very effective service.

Very impressed. I have recommend Mediation and this company to a friend already. I want to say thank you to Anna for all her help, she was on hand to respond text messages and emails out of hours.

Companies like this who go the extra mile gives me faith that there are people out there to help you in a very stressful and difficult time. FL

Review placed on Yell

4 May 2019

I went through mediation for my divorce and used this firm. I attended a free consultation and then 6 mediation sessions. My wife and I went through what all our assets were and how we wanted to divide them. We reached a compromise that we were both happy with.

I was very impressed with the way the mediator helped us both open us and think about the options.

The costs were very reasonable. We had both previously used solicitors and paid them over £5000 each for letters. We both realised this just made us both more angry and got no where. We sacked the solicitors and went to mediation. We both agreed that this was the best thing we could have done.

I would recommend mediation on separation rather then using solicitors.

Review placed on Yell

24 May 2019

24 May / 5 Star Review

Outstanding Service from my mediator at this firm. Came in with my ex partner and after 5 session we agreed on how and when to divorce, financial division and child contact. This was all written up and we signed and went away happy. Simple and effective service. Low cost and local.

Review placed on Yell

27 May 2019

27 May / 5 Star Review

Mediation service was very professional. The mediator was clearly knowledgable and experienced in family law disputes. My husband and I were impressed with the service and the outcome. We were encouraged to exchange financial information and work towards a solution without the need to attend court. Very impressed and I have already recommended my friend.

Review placed on Yell