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Family Mediation

Mediation is a process that is voluntary. You and your former partner have the option to attend mediation to resolve financial issues arising from your separation or divorce and for the arrangement for the children. Our experienced family lawyers and mediators will be able to assist by providing legal information. About how courts deal with issues concerning children, pensions, child maintenance and the factors, which the courts take in to account when dealing with financial issues on divorce and separation.

Our lawyers and mediators are trained to to help you find mutually agreeable solutions. Our lawyers and mediators are trained to be impartial and all matters discussed in mediation will remain confidential with the exception of the financial information supplied by you both. This can be produced to a court in the future if your case is not resolved in mediation or if you are asking the court to approve an agreement which you have reached.

The benefits of family mediation

Mediaton is a highly successful alternative to attending court as more and more people want to resolve matters as amicably and as cost effectively as possible. The main benefit of resolving matters through mediation is that you conclude an agreement which you are both comfortable with and which has not been imposed upon you by the court. The mediation process is fast and low cost compared to using solicitors firms or court proceedings. This is particularly beneficial where there are children who are frequently adversely affected by their parents’ relationship breakdown. It can help children to see their parents working together to resolve issues.

How long does mediation take?

The process usually takes 3 - 6 sessions depending on the issues to consider. At the end of the process you will be provided with an Open Financial Statement setting out your financial circumstances and the written agreement known as the Memorandum of Understanding. This document is not binding until it has been put into a legally binding agreement called a Consent Order, which you can then ask the court to approve on divorce or which can become a binding legal separation agreement. An agreement can be reached as to the child arrangements which can be informal or incorporated into a Parenting Agreement.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

Court rules now require that before making a court application in relation to family matters, the applicant must consider with a mediator at a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) whether the dispute may be capable of being resolved by a method other than court proceedings. If mediation is appropriate and you both agree to mediate then the steps can be found below. 

What happens at Family Mediation?

First Meeting (MIAM)

Stage 1

The first meeting is individual and confidential. 

During this meeting you would talk to a mediator confidentially about your situation. 

You would talk about any ideas, options or proposed solutions you are considering. 

You and the Mediator, then discuss if attending mediation would be appropriate or beneficial to you. If so we then contact your former partner to arrange his or her confidential meeting. 

We then move on to stage 2.

We arrange a joint mediation session with you both.

Joint Mediation Meeting

Stage 2

If Mediation is assessed as appropriate then the next stage is joint mediation sessions. The  sessions are usually joint but in certain circumstances meetings can be taken separately if that is asked for by either party.

For Joint meetings. A Mediator will facilitate and manage the meeting. Assisting you both to clarify the issues, identify various options, negotiate constructively and arrive at joint solutions. 

The most common areas include, divorce, separation, property, finance, pensions and child arrangements.  We will provide you with all relevant information.

Conclusion of Mediation

Stage 3

Conclusion of Mediation

The average amount of sessions is 3-6. 

By this time solutions may have been reached between you and your former partner. If so the Mediator record the agreements between you both in writing.

Completion documents are then prepared and sent out to you both. Completion documents are not legally binding. You then have the option of taking advice about your agreements with an independent third party. 

Once you are ready to move forward stage 4 is then appropriate. 

Legally Binding

Stage 4

Parenting Agreement

Financial Consent Order.

Once you have completed stages 1-3 you may be ready to have your agreements incorporated into legally binding documents. This could be by way of a Separation Agreement. Or on Divorce by way of a Financial Consent Order. If the agreement related to Child Arrangements then a Parenting Agreement or plan would would be recommended. Your Mediator will explain the procedure to you as you move through the mediation process so that matters can be considered. 

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Examples of recent Verified Reviews placed on Google /Yell can be found below:

5 Star Review***** AndrewL-635 25/01/20

OUTSTANDING Outstanding service. Anna managed a very sensitive and difficult situation speedily and expertly, resulting in a very favourable court order.

I cannot thank Anna enough!


5 Star Review *****Tyron Patrick 20/01/20

I recently separated from my partner and we could not agree on how to divide our assets. We agreed to attend mediation to discuss this. We agreed a division of assets in a fair way. We also had a Separation Agreement drafted. We were both treated equally and fairly. 5 Stars from me!

5 Star Review: *****Margarart Fisher /15/01/20

Great service, friendly staff i got what i came for thank you .

5 Star Review: *****Graham jones / 03/01/20

We used resolve to help us with a difficult case, The mediator was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Received a high level of service and quality work . We reached a very satisfactory conclusion. I highly recommend resolve.

5 Star Review: *****Amy mane / 17/12/20

Resolve made me feel very welcome. I came here due to my ex husband who i did not want to see, so the mediator offered me shuttle mediation so i did not have to be in the same room as him. I got my divorce thank you. I highly recommend. Amy

5 Star Review: *****TyroneB-22 / 19 Nov 2019

Outcome/Mediation was faster cheaper and more flexible than going to court It put me in control of the outcome rather then the courts. Thank you .

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