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Why see a Mediator?

Why see a Mediator?

Mediation is voluntary and impartial.         Less cost and stress than alternatives and it is required before any client can make an Application to Court. Court Applications should be a last resort given the high cost and the stress involved. 

Why does Mediation work?

You make,  take control of decisions about children/assets.

Mediation is safe and a confidential Service. 

Experienced Mediators

are at the meeting.

 Costs are affordable, 

less than alternatives

such as Solicitors costs

Court Proceedings.

Less stressful.


Sole Mediation or 

 joint meetings.


drafted by the Mediator to reflect any agreement reached.

Resolve Family and Civil Mediation Service.

Clear your mind with the support of one of our specialist, Mediation Professionals.


The Mediator would do the following:

1) meeting clients jointly or separately to explain the mediation process and decide on the issues to discuss

2) holding further meetings until issues are resolved

3) listening to each client’s feelings and concerns

4) getting details about clients’ financial circumstances

5) discussing issues such as child residence and contact, property and money

6) suggesting and discussing workable solutions

7) helping clients to consider all options

8)keeping discussions fair, equal and focused

9)keeping accurate and confidential records of discussions

10) summarising agreements in writing

11) recognising when mediation is not working

12) liaising with other professionals when necessary.

At Resolve Family and Civil Mediation, we offer all of the above and in a straightforward way.

We have safe, calm confidential Mediation Rooms at our offices. All our Offices are in town centre locations. With near by parking. We offer daytime and evening appointments up to 9pm in the evening.


Mediation offers an option for the two of you to meet together or separately, to make plans about new arrangements for the future. This could be about your children and how they will divide their time between two households or it may be about your finances and your property.

Nothing is too big or too small to discuss in mediation. Every family is different and will have different needs and priorities. Mediation can help you to negotiate your separation in the best way possible in your particular circumstances.

Mediation helps even if you have been separated or divorced for some time and need to make new arrangements for your children and or sort out financial matters with one another.

See our Mediation page for more information.

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What do Mediators do?

Family mediators help clients find ways of communicating with each other and discussing issues constructively. 

They will always be impartial, so they would not tell people what to do, or give counselling or legal advice. However, they would provide factual information and guidance. if required and could provide legal information if it helped people make an informed decision.

Mediation will help you with the following: 

Reduce the emotional cost to you of separating or divorcing.

Reduce the emotional cost for your children when their parents live apart.

Reduce the time it takes to sort out your differences by enabling you to talk directly with each other.

Reduce dramatically the financial cost, comparing the cost of Solicitors to Mediation.

We all know that Separating is an emotional time for everyone concerned. You will experience a whole range of feelings that make it very difficult for the two of you to decide the practicalities of living apart. This is where mediation can really help.

Mediation works.

Whether you are separating or divorced or need help resolving a dispute in general.

Resolve Family and Civil Mediation is a place where issues, disputes or conflicts can be resolved in a calm and managed environment with a professional mediator. Mediation helps make positive changes and opens up new possibilities for all parties.

We help to provide closure on the past, create new beginnings and so a more positive future. We offer Mediation both Family and Civil to enable clients to resolve issues or any conflict together. This will then avoid the damaging and very costly effects of court proceedings or litigation. 

Resolve Family and Civil Mediation.

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